Welcome to AACE Region 9

Region 9 of AACE International that covers  Africa, Europe, and Central Asia

Upcoming events

AACE Central, Eastern Europe & Balkans

March 23, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

  • AACE International, Project Controls Institute, and OnTrack Engineering would like to invite you to 2018 Central, Eastern Europe & Balkans Conference on Total Cost Management. This is the 1st Annual AACE Region 9 Conference in Central, eastern Europe and The Balkans, in support of the Professionals of Cost Engineering and Project Management. 

  • Open discussions, trainings, IT tools showcasing and masterclasses from leading foreign experts of PM and CE are planned! We are going to review programs from Architecture, through development, Funding and Execution, based on programs with real-world experience. Meet one-on-one with the leading consulting firms and software providers in our industry and discover solutions to meet your specific job challenges. Speakers are leaders of programs and will be from Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Serbia, Slovak Republic, UK, and US as well as there will be software and support representatives from leading Project Management and Control Tool Providers.

We would like to remind you that attendance of this conference qualifies you for the following attendance 

points:  CPD - 8 Hours, CEU - 8 Hours, PDU - 8 Hours, PEU - 0.8 Units 

Contact: sean@ontrackpm.com

2018 International Conference of AACE Portugal


Optimising Asset Value with Cost Engineering Practices

Good Rules, Best Practices, Better Business


Contact: conferencia@aacei-portugal.org

Future events

Please send any AACE Events you would like!

AACE Columbia - Bogota – 16 Mar 18 to 17 Mar 18 – Carlos.Ortega@fticonsulting.com

AACE Central, Eastern Europe & Balkans – Prague Czech Republic – 23 Mar 18 – sean@ontrackpm.com

AACE UAE Conference – Dubai UAE – 04 April 18 to 05 Apr 18 - aaceiconference2018.com/ 

AACE Omaha - Omaha NE USA - 13 Apr 18 to 14 Apr 18  


AACE Italy – Milan - April 14 Milan  Danilo.Arba@aaceitalia.org

AACE Portugal – Lisbon - Monday – Tuesday April 16/17  president@aace-portugal.org

Pan African & AACE Region 9 Project Management Conference on Bankable Projects  “Successful Preparation of Bankable Projects in Africa" -   

https://www.pan-african-pmc.africa/  - Yaounde Conference Centre, Cameroon - May 23 to 25 - sean@ontrackpm.com

AACE / PMSoft Russia - Moscow -May 29 to 31  - Akhalikova@pmsoft.ru

AACE International 2018 Conference and Expo - 24 to 27 Jun -   

ICEC - PMQS Australia - Sydney – 16 to 18 Nov – alexian@qsrequin.com or sean@ontrackpm.com

AACE Australia PC Expo - Melbourne - 20  Nov - laurie@synchrony.net.au


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